Chester County Gov’t, Businesses, Non-Profits Unite to Chart Economic Future of the County

VISTA 2025 Initiative Seeks to Balance Progress and Economic Growth with Preservation

EXTON, PA (February 6, 2014)– More than 40 Chester County businesses, health care and educational institutions, and non-profit organizations joined forces with the Chester County Board of Commissioners to launch VISTA 2025, a unique public-private sector partnership that will develop an economic development strategy to guide economic development efforts in Chester County for the next 10 years.  The guiding philosophy of VISTA 2025 will be to maintain a balance between progress and preservation that ensures continued economic prosperity while protecting the valuable natural resources that define Chester County.

VISTA 2025 seeks to maintain and build upon Chester County’s position as one of the leading counties in the country in areas such as best place to raise a family, health of its citizens, household income, low unemployment, and a range of other demographic and economic data. The last few decades have seen the emergence of a strong, vibrant and diversified Chester County economy, an economy that VISTA 2025 seeks to maintain in the future.  That economy has brought family sustaining jobs to the County and provided the resources needed to support a high quality of life in terms of open space preservation and other amenities.

Courtesy photo Visionary Partners who are funding VISTA 2025 include the Chester County Board of Commissioners, The Vanguard Group, The Hankin Group, DNB First, West Chester University, Chester County Intermediate Unit, Chester County Industrial Development Authority, Delaware County Community College, and the Chester County Economic Development Council. In addition, an Executive Alliance made up of key stakeholders from the public and private sectors will serve as a steering committee and provide guidance as the process moves forward.

“VISTA 2025 will enable us to put in place a coordinated strategy to maintain a strong county economy now and in the future, while ensuring we preserve the natural resources that make Chester County such an attractive location to live, work, and operate a business,” said Ryan Costello, Chairman of the Chester County Board of Commissioners and Co-Chair of the VISTA 2025 initiative.  “Chester County is ranked as the number one county in Pennsylvania in a number of areas, including the health of our residents, percentage of residents with bachelor’s and graduate degrees, median household income, and wages. Our goal is to take advantage of the opportunity to build on our competitive strengths, identify emerging economic trends, and renew our focus on workforce development efforts in key sectors to enhance continued economic growth in Chester County.”

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