Hundreds of Charter School Advocates Gather in Harrisburg to Oppose Funding Cuts

Charter school leaders and advocates will fight for funding equal to their traditional public school counterparts

HARRISBURG, PA (June 9, 2014) – Parents, children, advocates and leaders of charter schools from across the state gathered with legislators for a rally to encourage state lawmakers to vote NO on PA House Bill 2138 and Senate Bill 1316, which will significantly reduce funding to public charter schools.  Charter school advocates have been ramping up opposition to the bills in advance of the June 30 budget deadline, when final negotiations for pending bills are taking place and the state’s fiscal year ends.

These efforts have come as a result of proposed state legislation (Senate Bill 1316 and House Bill 2138) and projected reductions in local school district funding that would result in a 24% cut for charter schools – or between 55-60% of what traditional local district schools would receive – over the next three to six years. Many charter schools will not be able to sustain funding cuts this large and some may have no choice but to close their doors. The proposed legislation will dramatically cut funding for special education students at PA public charter schools, while traditional district schools will not be affected. For the schools that do survive the cuts, the lack in funding will affect important programs for students such as arts, music, sports, science programs, high school advanced placement classes, and critical early intervention programs.

Here is a summary of news coverage from the rally:

Harrisburg Patriot News