Philadelphia Public High School Receives Grant to Open New Middle School

(Philadelphia, PA) The Philadelphia School Partnership (PSP) announced it has awarded $200,000 from its Great Schools Fund to support the expansion of George Washington Carver Engineering & Science (Carver), a public school in North Philadelphia, as the school enrolls 120 middle school students this fall. The Great Schools Fund invests in the creation and expansion of high-quality schools serving predominantly low-income students. Carver is among the highest performing high schools in the city and is currently a 9-12 district magnet school of 750 students, most of whom are economically disadvantaged. This $200,000 grant will support Carver’s expansion to include a middle school in the fall of 2015, admitting an additional 60 seventh graders and 60 eighth graders.  All 120 new middle school students have been enrolled by the school district and will experience a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) program very similar to that of the high school.

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